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Nan-Pao Halogen Free Flame‐Retardant Carbon Fiber Prepreg

According to decades of epoxy technology and experience, Nan-Pan has innovated a new hot-melt carbon fiber pregreg that is halogen free and flame retardant. Product type includes:

  • UD Prepreg,  (Uni-Directional Prepreg)
  • Woven Fabrics Prepreg


Product Feature:

♦ UL 94V0 pass (Toxicity & Smoke test pass)

♦  Low bubble rate and short production time to reach high productivity

♦  Halogen free for green environment requirement.

♦  New hybrid polymer

♦  Customized Prepreg

♦  Easy & fast forming, increasing productivity. 



Halogen Test Report:

FlameRetardant Test Report:

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